Stephen Ministry

What is Stephen Ministry?

It’s a caring ministry that equips people at our church to be able to provide Christian one-on-one care to others at our church during their time of need.

Who are Stephen Ministers?

Committed Christian people who:

Express God’s care through their lives to others.

Are commissioned as Stephen Ministers after 50 hours of training in important caring ministry skills and concepts.

Visit another person regularly and dependably and offer Christian support and care.

Are committed to preserving the confidential nature of the caring relationship.

Why Would I Need a Stephen Minister?

There are times when each of us needs the care of another person, a Christian friend (a Stephen Minister). These needs include, but are not limited to those listed below.

  • hospitalized
  • terminally ill
  • people moving into or out of our community
  • Grieving a death or serious loss
  • Those needing the support of a Christian friend
  • Households experiencing birth or adoption
  • homebound and institutionalized
  • job crisis
  • aging or elderly
  • disabilities
  • life transitions
  • separated or divorced

All care is confidential and what goes on in the caring relationship will remain private. Care can be for the individual or family member.

How Does Stephen Ministry Supplement the Care Offered by Our Pastors?

Our Stephen Ministers work together with our pastors to reach more people, multiplying our Christian care giving and outreach.

People who receive care from a Stephen Minister:

1. Receive quality Christian care.
2. Come to value ministry from another lay person while continuing contact with the pastor.
3. Grow in their desire to participate in Christian community

Stephen Ministry enhances our outreach by:

Enabling our entire congregation to grow as a warm, loving, nurturing community where people are cherished and cared for by other Christians empowered/ enabled by Christ’s love.
Identifying our congregation to our community as a place where people’s needs are taken seriously. Also, creating a caring ministry where many instead of a few are offering God’s love and care in intentional, systematic ways.

I Am Interested in Becoming a Stephen Minister…What Is The Commitment?

Stephen Ministers receive approximately 50 hours of training, based on Biblical resources and drawing from the best tools of psychology and health services before beginning their caregiving work.

Some of the training topics are: The Art of Listening, How to Use the Bible with Others, Confidentiality, Ministry to the Dying, Depressed, Older Persons, and Grieving.

A two-year commitment is necessary: This includes the 50-hour training course offered in weekly evening sessions.

After completion of the training, in addition to your service as a Stephen Minister, two meetings a month will be held for guidance and continuing education.
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