There are many ways to “uplift” or build community, including, volunteering our time, giving financially or simply being generous with our words. Uplift is the way we put all the giving pieces together to build, elevate or create ministry as we join Jesus on His mission.
LCM is committed to help people hurt by the COVID virus and the economic impact that comes with the restrictions of social distancing in two ways:
1st, volunteering. From making calls or writing letters of support for those shut-in and unable to have physical contact with the outside world. To supplying or preparing food for LCM’s promise to support the Stephen Center the 4th Tuesday of month. Your talents are needed.
2nd, financially. While some employers are able to support employees during this time of social distancing, many others must make difficult decisions of either reducing hours or releasing employees all together. Your contribution will directly impact families connected with our faith community and support local organizations actively providing support to the most vulnerable in our city.
We can’t do everything, but we can do something to uplift and respond to the real needs of real people in real time.
And of course, if you are in need or know someone in need that:
  • Just needs a call or letter of support.
  • Has lost hours at work or their livelihood.
  • Who needs the Lord’s loving care.
Please Fill out the Get Help form, email Michelle Kalin, or call our offices at 402-333-4444.
We will assess the need and pair them with someone who can help.
Thank you!



Local organizations we partner with that actively support the most vulnerable in our city; we will be giving funds to these organizations but below are links to volunteer.


Volunteer with the Salvation Army



Volunteer with Food for the Heartland