Thanking God On Wednesdays is a women’s weekly study which meets on Wednesday mornings from 9:15 to 11:00 a.m. resuming August 21, 2019. Our purpose is to grow in our relationship with Christ through the study of His word, to serve him with our sisters in Christ, and to minister to the world around us. We meet for friendship, conversation, encouragement and study of God’s Word.


For questions: Kellie Webb: call (402) 213-1893 or Email Lori Mathison: call (402) 516-2220 or Email

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Thanking God on Wednesday

“Searching for Heaven” by Dr. David Jeremiah ($5 program cost + $10 book cost)
They are the questions that plague us: Is happiness within my reach?, Why is life so frustrating?, Is it too late for me? Or to put it another way, “Where can I find a little heaven on earth?” History’s most successful man, Solomon, wondered just that. As Dr. David Jeremiah shows us, he was a man who tested life’s haunting questions head-on, and tasted life’s riches full-on. And who found his answers in the last place he thought to look. Listen, then, to his voice. A voice that, if you pay attention, will speak directly to your flesh and bones and heart. A voice that admits: Maybe happiness is an empty hope. Or maybe we’ve simply been looking in all the wrong places.


The Amazing Collection: Romans – Titus ($5 program cost + $25 book cost)
The “Amazing Collection” is a video Bible study for women, taught sequentially book by book. Each week you will view a 45-minute DVD, which gives an overview of one book in the Bible. The main characters and theme of each book come alive with dynamic teaching, original music videos and personal testimonies.
Set 9 “Paul’s Letters to the Churches” As the Church began to grow, Paul provided “water and sunlight” through his letters. Specific churches received instruction, comfort, conviction, and encouragement from Paul, who wrote mainly from prison while he continued God’s mission on earth. Reflect on the humble beginnings of the body of Christ, and let these sacred words deepen your walk with Jesus.
Set 10 “Paul’s Letters to Pastors” From concern for unity and careful teaching to dealing with conflict and keeping the faith, Paul’s words to church leaders ring just as true for us today. Everything you need to know about leadership can be found in these letters to pastors. Let these truths cultivate Christ’s character as you persevere in your own calling.