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September 2019

It’s hard to believe that summer is drawing to a close with school back in session already. We’ve had a wonderful summer with many opportunities to share Christ’s love with each other and with our communities. Praise God for giving us the gift of His love and guiding us to join Him as He shares that love with all people.
LCM has been a strength in our community for decades and we praise God for that. We have an opportunity to continue, as well as grow, our role as that place that brings Christ’s love to those who need it most. Too often we think of our church as buildings, but our church is really you and I – we are God’s church and our buildings are some of the tools God has given us to share in His blessings.
As we enter this fall season and get back into our routines, think about how we can be a light and a blessing to our communities within and outside our congregation. We have traditional programs coming up….
Sunday school at East Campus is resuming this month. Is God calling you to be involved in the development of His next generation of soldiers to join Him on His mission?
Our Stephen Ministry is starting a new training class for care givers – will you include them in your daily prayers?
Foyer Groups are here – is this a way you can strengthen your faith through fellowship with other LCM Christians?
We also have ways we already use our tools to serve our communities, sharing Christ’s love…. Thanksgiving is coming sooner than we realize. Can you help more families celebrate Thanksgiving with your donations of Thanksgiving dinners via Thanksgiving Bags?
Angel Tree will be coming again this fall. Will you help more children feel the love of Christ and celebrate Christmas?
Lutheran World Relief is gathering supplies to show Christ’s love. Please consider a donation so others might feel the warmth of Christ. Over the years we’ve also been a place that those in need can support Christ’s mission. We host Boy Scouts, Grief Share, AA & Al-Anon, and other meetings, showing others our congregation is a welcoming and supporting place to come.
Are there other ways you can think of that our congregation can join Christ on His mission? We welcome your suggestions on how we can better use our time, tools and talent as we Go Share the love of Christ Today!
– Deb Van Roy
LCM Board