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May 2019

For March our total giving was $169,027.22 and expenditures were $136,457.50. This was a significant improvement as we are only short $251.05 from the weekly budget average for the month. Our Building fund stands at $297,465.07. Thanks be to God we may be past the extreme situations of the first three months.
What greater way to show our faith in action than what we witnessed in response to the needs of flood victims. I am reminded of how neighbors reacted when my father had back surgery at harvest time and the neighbors all pitched in to get the fall harvesting done. It genuinely warms the heart to see the response to the flood, not only by LCM members but from all over the country. Our Heavenly Father truly does remain active in our lives.
Michelle Kalin has been working hard on developing the database for LCM. In her March report she has entered 1800 members into the database. There are 1500 members that still need to be entered. If you have not filled out the information for her please pick up a form from the reception counter and return it to her. She has been doing a tremendous job in trying to get this accomplished. The database, Servant Keeper, assists in such things as tracking small group leaders, VBS attendance and those in care facilities to name a few. If you have not done so please update your Faith in Action database sheet.
As you read in last month’s Inspire letter we have hired Ken Price as our new Grounds Maintenance Technician. Ken will be a great assistant for Jim McKay and make his workload a little easier.
VBS is just around the corner and we ask that you consider helping out in whatever manner works best for you. As in the past this is a huge job to get prepared and Kellie and Tracy can use all the help they can get. Please give this some prayerful consideration and be prepared to say “yes” when asked to help out.

Go and share the Love of Christ Today! Dave Schilke Vice President/Treasurer