Full Time Positions

No Full Time position openings at this time.

Preschool Positions

No Preschool position openings at this time.

Young Adult & Part Time Positions

Young adult staff positions are 10 hours/week. These roles do not have an age limit, but it targets young adults who may be in school, transitioning through first jobs, or experiencing new independent living. The roles will encourage personal spiritual growth, participation in congregational life, and outreach into young adult communities.

No Full Time position openings at this time.
Again and again, our church has committed to raising up young adults into faith and leadership. Young adults have the language to be missionaries to other young adults. And our congregation has faithful mentors, prayer warriors, and resources to teach and encourage the church’s next generation.
Volunteer Teacher or Helper opportunities. Service Hour Credit available. Sunday Mornings, Sunday Evenings or Wednesday Evenings. Contact Kellie Webb or Allie Tiller.
For more information, call the church office at 402-333-4444.