Welcome to LCM. We don’t think it’s any accident you’re here. We’ve been praying for you and hope you make yourself at home. Our hope is that you will feel welcome here and find it a place to grow your faith and serve Jesus in our community. We offer Biblical preaching and an authentic style of worship in our services. While we strive to connect people to Jesus and one another, we also work toward being a faithful church who reaches out and challenges everyone to follow Jesus completely. One of the ways we try to connect people is by loving people where they are.
The church community is very important for us. God uses the church, made of men and women like you and me. We don’t need to be perfect to be used by God but need to be open, willing and eager to grow. We need to spend time together, surrender to God’s way for our lives and live out His plan each day as fully as we can. We need to know where we are headed, how to get there and how to stay connected in community as we make the journey together.

Whether you are new here or a long-time guest of the church, we’re glad you are visiting LCM. We hope that you will join us as we come together and use our God-given gifts for the greater community and participate in transforming lives. We hope you will prayerfully consider joining the LCM community.

When you say yes to belonging here, you step onto the playing field and honor God with your unique contributions to LCM, our community and this world. Our church will be stronger for it. And you’ll be stronger for it, too.

In Faith,


Three Ways to Belong

We’re thrilled you’re exploring what it means to be part of the community at LCM. There are three primary ways people can choose to belong here. Joining the community is a significant step toward integrating into the life of the church. Explore the information to help you get to know LCM as your potential church home.
All people are welcome to attend LCM and be part of our church and ministries—including weekend, midweek and holiday services; classes; workshops; and special events. LCM is a safe, loving place where everyone can explore a relationship with God, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

If LCM is your home church and you can declare the following, then the LCM community is for you.  

  1. I am a baptized believer and follower of Jesus.
  2. I have read and accept LCM’s Mission and Vision Statement, directives for Community Development and Faith Community Statements. 
  3. I affirm the Holy Scriptures and the Creeds as authoritative in community life.
  4. I agree to be respectful and honoring.
  5. I want to help build this church and the broader church by using my gifts and resources for God.

While many of LCM volunteer roles are open to anyone in the church, specific roles in each ministry require being part of the Servant- Leadership Community because volunteers who serve in these areas represent the church or provide spiritual guidance for others. Those who are part of this community have read and signed the LCM Servant-Leadership covenant, completed servant-leadership training and declared the following:    

  1.  I am part of the LCM Community.
  2.  I commit to leading a spiritually surrendered life.
  3.  I commit to displaying a Christ-like attitude in every interaction.
  4.  I model a whole-life commitment to the church’s beliefs, values, and strategies.
  5.  I commit to pursuing a life above reproach.
  6.  I commit to giving God my best as I serve and lead in my current role(s).