Hilarie Calek

Family: Husband, Jason with 13-year-old daughter, Gracie and 2-year-old daughter Cacie. Parents, Dale & Mary De Goei.
LCM Member: Joined in 2002 and attended mainly at East Campus; moved to West Campus in 2009. You can find me in the front row of the 9am Traditional Service usually.
Involvement in LCM: Both past and present involvement include, Confirmation Teacher, Sunday School Teacher, Summer Fest Volunteer, Vacation Bible School Leader, Funeral Committee, Trunk or Treat, Pancake Sunday, Vala’s Family night, Women’s Retreat, Angel Tree, Advent Candle lighter, and Ollie the Trolley Christmas Lights Tour.
What are the Main Issues & What I can do to help: I believe LCM has two very good churches. To move from good to great it will take additional congregation and youth engagement. We need strong leadership for projects to promote congregational participation. Our programs need to be strong enough to attract those who are not committed to other church families. I would support these projects in any way I could. I would also continue to set an example of involvement, create a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere, and continue to share the love of Christ in the community.

Bruce Goolsby

Family: Wife – Katherine, Son – John (37) and family and Daughter – Emily (33) and family
LCM Member: 15 years
Involvement in LCM: Past/present (groups, committees): Middle School Sunday School teacher 2005-2008, Soundboard for worship 2006-2016, Church Council 2009-2011, Tuesday Morning Men’s breakfast 2007-present, Church Choir 2008-present, Church Garden 2010-present
What are the Main Issues & What I can do to help: We need to continue to find ways for more interaction within both campuses for young and more mature group activities. We need to continue to update our church buildings and use them effectively. We need to examine our church growth and determine how to measure what works and what doesn’t and adapt to new ideas. As our congregation ages we need to maintain contact as members become less mobile. We need to continue to support our outreach ministries and missionaries.

Rachel Henne

Family: Husband, Jon and our two sons, Lucas (2-years-old) and Tyler (3-months-old)
LCM Member: 8 years
Involvement in LCM: I am currently involved in the Gab and Grow Bible Study, Stephen Ministry and volunteer to help with church missions throughout the year.
What are the Main Issues & What I can do to help:  Serving Others. – First and foremost, it would be an honor to formally serve our congregation. Lutheran Church of the Master is much more to me than a building. It’s the place where I meet my favorite group of ladies every Monday to grow in wisdom and biblical understanding. It’s the meeting point where I join my parents, siblings and nieces on Sunday to collectively share in worship. It’s also the place where I baptized my two children. With so much personal connection to our congregation I desire to share our wonderful community with others, so they too can experience the joy of fellowship and Christian love.
My goal is to bring a fresh perspective to an already well-established board and offer ideas to continue the growth of our congregation and mission to those outside the church walls. A board member must embody principles of sincere faith, desire for growth, and be intuitive to the needs of the church. I am confident in my ability to fulfill all three. Professionally, I’ve served in capacities that required confidentiality, honesty and dependability. These characteristics are inherent to my nature and I will continue to use them to faithfully serve our congregation.

Doris Karloff

Family: Husband, Charles and two grown children with four grandchildren
LCM Member: 9 years, 11 months, 2 weeks, 10 hours, 45 minutes and 5 seconds
Involvement in LCM: Stephen Minister since Dec. 2009. At my previous church, I was active in teaching Sunday School, Confirmation, serving as the Altar Guild Chair and member, new Building Committee, Financial Committee and Church Council member and Chair. When I joined LCM, I took a sabbatical from most involvement except to worship.
What are the Main Issues & What I can do to help: Serving Others. – Isaiah 6:8 says
“Then I heard the Lord’s voice saying –“Whom should I send and who will go for us?” I said, ‘I’m here, send me.’”
Growth – contemporary and traditional services and perhaps a blended service. Education for all and financial. I am currently an active County Commissioner/Supervisor, so have numerous areas of working together for the good of the whole and financial background with a new hospital and jail and 150 county employees, plus working with unions. I also chair a multi-million dollar, 11 member board for a liability/property/workman’s comp. Insurance pool for counties.

Megan Legband

Family: Husband, Nathan with children Erica, Sophia and Haley
LCM Member: 34 years
Involvement in LCM: Time of Praise leader while in High School, VBS attendee and volunteer, Stephen Minister for 7 years, Sunday School Teacher for 2 years, Parent’s Night Out Volunteer for 2 years, attended the Women’s Retreat 1 year, volunteered for various needs/opportunities and I participate in TGOW as well as Faith Full Moms.
What are the Main Issues & What I can do to help: I love the emphasis we have put on the children’s ministry in both our church and our community. It is wonderful to see the children engaged in and taking on more active roles within the church. To build on this I think we have an opportunity to also attract the parents of these children to become more involved. Children follow by example and I would love to help create additional opportunities to engage parents in the church with more family friendly volunteer opportunities, couples/coed bible studies, and gatherings to help foster fellowship and growth in their relationship with Christ. 

Jerry Osborne

Family: Wife, Sherry
LCM Member:  37 years & 5 Months
Your Involvement in LCM: Usher at East Campus for 2 years, served for 3 years on the church council, served 3 years on the nominating committee, served on the LCM church board for the last three years, served as president of the LCM Board this past year and I served on the Foundation of the Master Board for 3 years.
What are the Main Issues & What I can do to help: I will continue to work on LCM’s financial well being in order to grow LCM’s mission. I will continue to support the use of the capital maintenance funds to properly upkeep our two campus’ facilities. I will work with our pastoral staff to reach out to the surrounding areas of our campus’ to spread the Word to the unchurched, especially the youth.

Candidates for the Nominating Committee

Dee Acklie
Doug Spence
Clara Tsai

Candidates for the LCMC Convention

Val Magnuson
Kathy Magnuson
Denny Scheer
Carolyn Scheer

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