**In the event multiple ballots are submitted under your name, regardless if the ballots are submitted electronically, on paper, or any combination thereof, the first electronic ballot submitted will be used in tallying results.**

Charlie Allen

Family: I live with my wife Laura and our youngest daughter Michelle
LCM Member: May 2018
Involvement in LCM: Stephen Minister, Sunday morning prayer group, usher, Hello team and weekly Bible study
What are the Main Issues & What I can do to help: Our biggest challenge is spreading the Gospel in our lives outside the church building. I am excited by how we are integrating Joining Jesus on His Mission into LCM activities. Some of the concepts from Stephen Ministry training can be used in applying this model. Post COVID-19 restrictions, we will need to take a fresh look at how we do our ministries and what church life will look like with a new normal. I served on the council twice at my former church with different pastors each time. I am prepared to prayerfully provide whatever input is desired in our ongoing effort to involve all age groups in our LCM community.

Lisa Hagstrom

LCM Member: 47 years
My Involvement in LCM: Helper with Sunday School in the past, Alter Guild, Hello Committee
What are the Main Issues & What I can do to help:
Recruiting younger adult members and families with children to help grow the
congregation and children’s programs at both campuses, especially East.

Chip Smith

Family: Single
LCM Member: My parents joined in 1969 and I was raised in the church. I was confirmed in 1981. I returned to LCM in 2012 after going
away for college and beyond, and it has been my home church ever since.
My Involvement in LCM: I attend the Saturday service at East campus and Pastor Tyler’s Wednesday Night Bible study. Through my career as a real estate agent, I’ve also had the opportunity to donate items to LCM and our ministries from estate homes I’ve helped clean out.
What are the Main Issues & What I can do to help: I want to help LCM be more of a Matthew 28 “Great Commission” church. I will help promote LCM and the Truth of Jesus Christ to the youth and families to help our membership grow.

Emily Tritsch

Family: I am married to my husband Tim and we have three children Ava (13), Ella (11) and Caden (9)
LCM Member: We have been member at LCM for 13 years.
My Involvement in LCM: From a young age we have taught our kids to think and pray for others especially those less fortunate than us. They are now at a great age to build on that foundation and we can all do service projects together. My favorite thing to do tho, is to physically serve with our kids. We really enjoy working together on: Angel Tree, Shoeboxes, donating food for Thanksgiving and other times, helping set up and tear down for VBS, and peanut butter and jelly Sundays. Last summer I went with my oldest daughter to Pine Ridge and it was a special experience shared between the two of us. I have been on the PTO for Alleluia Preschool, VBS leader, helped with calling, buying, and delivering Angel Tree gifts, and attended the Mothers group for a bit.
What are the Main Issues & What I can do to help:
I am open to learning what the congregation thinks the main issues are and I think that the best thing I can do to help is listen to what God is telling me say or do that would be in His will.

Candidates for the Nominating Committee

Patrick DelaRosa
Skip Pedersen

Candidates for the LCMC Convention

Larry Josephson
Jim Rudd
Kathy Rudd