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Day Twenty

Ezekiel 3:16 (ESV)
And at the end of seven days, the word of the Lord came to me: …
Ezekiel is called by God to be a sound piece of warning for the people. This call was so overwhelming to him he sat in silence trying to take it in for a whole week. At the end of those seven days, he began his role as a watchman for Israel. The words he speaks are not to be his own, but rather the words of God.
These words of warning are for the unrighteous and the righteous alike. Abraham Heschel once wrote, “The images of a prophet should not so much shine as they should burn.”[1] Words of warning indeed do burn!
Our warning is of our sin, but John 3:16 echoes those warnings with the hope of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ!
What are some of the words in Scripture that “burn?”
What are some of the words in Scripture that “heal?”
Pray for God to give you opportunities to serve and look at it again after a week.
[1] Abraham Heschel, The Prophets – ISBN-13: 978-0060936990