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Day Thirty Seven

Philippians 3:16 (ESV)
Only let us hold true to what we have attained.
To fully understand this verse, one has to back up to verse 12 to see what Paul is aiming at. Paul begins this section by talking straining to the ultimate goal, and that is completion in Jesus Christ. Verse 13, tells us that we should not look at the things that have happened to us in the past, but we should look to the future and the hope that lies in Jesus. We get to verse 16, where Paul says only hold true to what we have attained – he is encouraging the church in Philippi to strive on and to remember what they have learned through the teachings and revelations of Jesus.
We are afforded that same hope because of John 3:16. There are times in this life where we worry about our past, we look at our mistakes, and we count ourselves not worry of Jesus. We are told that we should not worry about those things – but always have our eyes on the cross and remember what Christ did for us. The truth that has been attained by you so far in your walk with Jesus – cling on to that as you pursue the goal of being completed in Jesus!
Jesus came to relieve you of the burdens of your past – what about your past holds you back from letting Jesus lead you fully?
How does focusing your eyes on the cross, help you move through this life? Where does John 3:16 fit into that in your life
Write your past mistakes out on pieces of paper and during your prayer time – one by one ask Jesus to help you let go of those mistakes and rip them up and throw them away as you let go and let Jesus take those burdens!