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Day Seven

Judges 3:16 (ESV)
And Ehud made for himself a sword with two edges, a cubit in length, and he bound it on his right thigh under his clothes.
Who was Ehud you may be asking! Well he was the second judge listed in Judges and no he didn’t sit behind a big wooden bench wearing a powdered wig and a black robe.
The Old Testament judges were charismatic military leaders who wielded the sword as much as they led the people.
Often the story line went like this: the people rejected God, a foreign power oppressed the people, the people cried out to God and God responded by sending a judge to lead in the overthrowing of that foreign power with military action and the sword.
In John 3:16, God doesn’t send a judge, but rather sends his Son to save us from destruction, not from a foreign power or by the sword. He does this through His sacrificial death out of love on the cross against sin, death and the power of the Evil One.
Do you really believe your sinful state is such that the Son of God had to die to save you? Why or why not?
How would you describe “eternal destruction?” Are you glad Jesus saves you from that enemy? Why?
If you are internet savvy, check out: persecution.com and prayerfully see where God might lead you in assisting others. If you are not that savvy, then find someone you know who is (probably someone younger than you) and invite them to join you in examining this site of Voice of the Martyrs. See where God leads you!