Conversations on Christianity

LCM created a Digital Campus to reach people in our mission field, resource everyday missionaries for their adventures with Jesus, and provide solid content for Christian growth and discipleship. One component of this Digital Campus is our monthly rhythm entitled, “Conversations on Christianity.”
“Conversations on Christianity” provides space for presentations, dialogues, and discussions about a variety of topics, themes, and ideas about our Christian faith. We have hosted a wide variety of guest speakers – including pastors, missionaries, authors, non-profit leaders, theologians, and professors. Past topics have included domestic & international mission, biblical studies, missional leadership, cultural issues, discipleship, and the content of authors’ published books.
Check out our lineup of guests and plan on joining us for an upcoming event!
Join us in person at our East Campus on 114th & Center or online via Zoom at 6:45pm for pre-presenation music and worship, and then at 7:00pm for our Guest Speaker’s presentation. Contact our technical director Jon Bradley for Zoom sign-in link and information.

2022 Conversations Schedule

January 16
Presentation: Connecting Spiritual Orphans to the Global Family of Christ
Guest Speaker: Rev. David Breidenbach & Angela Breidenbach, Executive Directors of the Spiritual Orphans Network
February 20
Presentation: God’s People: Messy, Redeemed, and Empowered
Guest Speaker: Mr. Dan Hoppen
Author and Director of Small Groups at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Omaha
March 20
Presentation: Generational Understanding
Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. Marcus Carlson Director of Preparing for Amazement Ministries
May 15
Presentation: Scandalous Stories: The Parables of Jesus
Guest Speakers: Mr. Daniel Price & Rev. Erick Sorensen (1517)
August 21
Presentation: Building while the Earthquake is Still Happening: Young  Adult Discipleship in Community
Guest Speaker: Rev. Nathan Hoff Director of Trinity Greenhouse
September 18
Presentation: Being a Safe Place for the Dangerous Kind
Guest Speaker: Rev. Mike Bradley Service Coordinator, LCMC
October 16
Presentation: Peace Talks: The Good News of Jesus in a Donkey  Elephant War
Guest Speaker Rev. David Drum Director of J17 Ministries
November 20
Presentation: Limping with God: What the Life of Jacob Teaches Us about Discipleship
Guest Speaker: Mr. Chad Bird (1517)