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August 2019

Being the newest elected member of the Church Board I waited as long as I could to take my turn at writing this article for the newsletter because I wanted to better understand the Board’s responsibilities. I was on the Church Council years ago and I knew the Church Board would be different and now I feel acclimated to this role.
Last month Deb Van Roy gave you the update of what we covered in our June Board meeting, since we are not officially meeting in July, I will be taking a little different approach. One of the topics our Church Board is studying is Christian relationships and Discipleship.
There are many personal opportunities each of us can take to make visitors and new members feel welcome. Nothing is more welcoming than a smile and a good morning greeting along with a short conversation. It’s great to get to know people of our church ahead of time since we are going to spend eternity with them in heaven. We are welcoming 25 new members this month, reach out to meet them. It started with just a few disciples many years ago.
Please consider stepping out of your comfort zone and pass on your love for Christ so that Christianity can be passed on in this world of turmoil. Our relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ is too important to risk missing out on our heavenly home. There are many mission and volunteer opportunities at LCM both East and West campuses.
As I read through our newsletter I’m overwhelmed at the many activities available for us. VBS at our East campus will have occurred by the time this is printed (July 14-18) so thank you all who helped to provide our youth a wonderful and positive experience. For a foreign mission experience right here at home there are many opportunities to help with the Sudanese congregation, Tracy Schmidt will be happy for any volunteers.
If you like to plant and tend to flowers there are many opportunities at both our campuses. As the hot temperatures continue our AC units are working hard and the morning of July 4th a second AC unit at our West campus had a couple of circuit boards over heat and need to be repaired. If you have questions or concerns about any LCM activity be sure to ask one of your Board members.
Bruce Goolsby Church Board Member