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September 2018

Time for another update on the financial status of LCM. My last report was not great but there is improvement from July. Quickly I will point out our receipts and expenses through July and then a bit of information for August.
Below is information for this year and the prior two years:
Receipts $946,384
Expenses $1,063,018
Net ($116,634)
Receipts $950,877
Expenses $1,025,771
Net ($74,894)
2016 Receipts   $1,008,901 Expenses  $1,005,936 Net  $2,965
If we continue at the same giving rate we will have to make some big cuts in some of our projected plans for ministries, fellowship and outreach.
August showed some promising turn around, with offerings of $47,490 and $37,294. This is an improvement, which was expected with the start of a new school year. However, we will have to make some big gains for the remainder of the year. We set a budget to try and do various programs and projects that would be beneficial to our spiritual growth and outreach. There was no guarantee we would meet the budget but we still try to submit programs we would like to be able to do.
At this point we just ask for your prayerful considerations on your giving and guidance for our staff and Board to make good decisions for the remainder of the year.
GO and SHARE the Love of Christ Today! Dave Schilke V.P./Treasurer