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October 2018

The board is excited about the upcoming fall. Now that LCM has a full pastoral staff, we will be offering a full complement of small group choices, ministry opportunities, and both children and adult activities for members and guests in which to participate. I hope you have had a chance to meet our two new pastors. Both Mario and Jonathan are excellent additions to our family at LCM; they bring a youthful energy to both our campuses.
I am positive they will be instrumental in instituting LCM’s initiative of Growing Young. Pastor Lewis has also informed the board that 78 invitations have been sent out to prospective individuals and families about becoming members of LCM. A new program is starting this fall for people to become new members. With God’s help, the pastors are expecting great success.
The roof replacement project at the East Campus is completed. The cost of the project was $93,203.64. The project to reseal the parking lot at the West Campus should be completed this fall at a cost of $42,290. The funding for both projects came from money given through the capital maintenance giving (the red envelopes). LCM started this summer with $275,445 in the fund and has collected an additional $17,797 this summer. After paying for the two above projects, the fund now contains $157,748.36.
Our LCM properties have other needed maintenance projects that also need to be addressed. One project that needs attention is the East Campus parking lot. The board has received several bids to do the project correctly at a cost from $155,000 to $175,000. So you can see, your continuing to give to the capital maintenance fund will be critical for completing maintenance projects in the future. The board will not approve the start of any capital maintenance project without adequate money in the capital maintenance fund.
Our staff is looking forward to this coming fall, as LCM’s future is bright. Besides attending one of LCM’s weekly worship services, we encourage you to get involved and participate in one or more of the many activities available at LCM. Remember the LCM vision; we, the members, need “To share the Love of Christ Today”.
Blessings to all of you, Jerry Osborne President of LCM’s Board