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November 2018

We are excited and blessed as a church board to be working through some very key areas that are a top priority of the church.
It is always a difficult transition to change pastoral staff and we feel very much in awe to watch how God provided two amazing pastors to join the ministry team at LCM. We face very real issues as we balance the needs of a multifaceted congregation, continuing to focus on the evolving needs of our more established core congregation, and be an outreach church taking the message of Christ outside our walls. We continue to work towards having a solid consistent campus pastor at each location to work on the varied needs of each particular location, and we are excited about the progress.
We heard you loud and clear that we need to be good stewards of our facilities and have made noticeable progress in several areas. The “rainforest” roof has been replaced on the East campus sanctuary and we are working on the final details with the windows on the steeple to pull it all together. The parking lot at the West location has been repaired and sealed and looks great. We have several more areas of repair and improvement that need addressed and are working on them as quickly as we can fund the work with congregation support.
We are beginning the budgeting process for the upcoming year and a lot of thought and hard work goes into making best use of every dollar the Lord provides through your giving. We are very thankful for a generous and committed congregation and pray that you will “lean in” to support the exciting progress as we reach out to a grasping world in new ways.
Please pray with us for the Lord’s continued guidance as we face challenges and embrace new challenges together.
Thank you for giving us the chance to serve. Brad Burklund