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March 2018

I would like to thank all the members who attended the 2018 Annual Congregational Meeting in January. I am pleased to report the financial condition of LCM is very sound. We have an aggressive budget for 2018 that allows numerous ministries to spread the Word of God and tell people about Jesus and his promise. I hope all of us, through prayer, will accomplish our ministries’ goals through our gifts of giving.
At the annual meeting, Brad Burklund updated the congregation on a plan the board was developing to address some major maintenance issues at both campuses. The one major issue we need to confront is repairing or replacing the roof at the east campus. The board’s intention is to bring a solution to the congregation for a vote this spring or early summer. One element of this that might need to be considered is financing part of the cost of the various projects. Keep the board in your prayers as we consider the solution to this issue.
Tuesday, February 20th, the board held our monthly meeting which included the newly elected board members. Jim Norton and Deb VanRoy were welcomed by the remaining board members. Pastor Tyler and other staff personnel presented information to help the new board members understand the responsibilities and procedures that govern the board activities. The board would also like to extend our appreciation to the two board members whose terms expired. Toni Thompson and Jon Krier served the congregation well during their term on the board.
During the February board meeting a new slate of officers were elected for the board.
President– Jerry Osborne
Vice President/Treasurer– David Schilke
Secretary– Lori Mathison
The board also appointed three individuals to serve as board members on the Foundation of the Master’s board.
Remaining board members are David Anderson, Jim Norton, Brad Burklund, David Monson, Deb VanRoy and Pastor Kip Tyler.
New foundation board members are Gary Demmel, Sarah Nolan, and Wade Pearson.
Our Vision Statement explains the role of all members of LCM. Please keep all who are serving LCM in leadership roles in your prayers.
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