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June 2018

The church board would like to report actions that we have taken over the last couple of months. As most of you know, we have had a leaky roof issue at the East Campus for several years. We have now approved replacing this roof, and the board is considering several bids. The board will make a decision soon as to what contractor’s bid will be accepted.
At the present time, the church’s capital maintenance fund has about $370,000 in reserve. Money from this fund will be used to pay for the roof project, and the project should be completed this summer. There will be money left in the fund to possibly complete some other projects at both campuses this calendar year. The board would like to thank all the members of LCM who have contributed to the fund through giving in the red trimmed envelopes over the past several years. Hopefully all of you, through prayer, will continue to give to the fund, as we have other maintenance projects at both campuses that need to be addressed.
It was brought to the board’s attention that members would like to be updated on the church’s finances throughout the year. An example of this would be the maintenance fund that is being used for the roof project. The board decided that either quarterly or biyearly, financial statistics will be published in the monthly newsletter. If anyone has specific information they would like to see, please let any board member or the church office know.
With two mission trips scheduled this summer, our youth ministries are going to be busy. Steve and Chris are creating some exciting programs for our youth and the communities around our two campuses. They need the help of all of us through engaging with the youth in these ministries. “Growing Young” means all of us being involved. A kind word, making yourself available to answer questions, or just encouragement will make a difference with these young individuals.
Another action the board approved at our last meeting was to reward each of our two pastors, Kip and John, an extra week of vacation this calendar year and a $5,000 bonus. The two of them did an extraordinary job over the past 6 months. Not having a full pastoral staff in place required a lot of extra effort. All of us owe them a great deal of gratitude for leading LCM and providing our spiritual needs even though their schedules were overwhelming.
We board members are wishing all a blessed summer.
Dave Anderson
Dave Schilke
Dave Monson
Deb VanRoy
Jim Norton
Lori Mathison
Jerry Osborne
Brad Burklund