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July 2018

At the LCM budget meeting in 2017 it was asked if we could provide more information regarding LCM’S financial position more frequently. Therefore I am going to give you some information as to where we stand at the end of May 2018.
Our Offerings and Expenditures are as follows:
Offerings: 2018 2017 2016
$706,264 $711,266 $775,122
Expenditures: 2018 2017 2016
$693,910 $703,525 $689,890
The number of Sundays included were; 22 in 2018, 22 in 2017, and 21 in 2016.
As you can see our offerings have decreased over the years and our expenses have also decreased. Our donations to date for building repair and maintenance are $275,445. Offerings for the special projects Pastor John discussed early this year are $66,037. You will see improvements being done soon.
We established an aggressive budget for 2018 partly because there is a need for maintenance and improvements to our facility as well as the need for outreach programs.. The Growing Young project is vital to keeping our young involved in their Christian faith. This is vital to not only LCM, but churches throughout the country. You will be seeing more activity with our youth programs and have already heard much about this program. This is a church wide and nationwide effort to strengthen the faith walk of our young people and young adults and is not unique to LCM. If only we could generate the same excitement we have for football, baseball, basketball, etc. in service to our faith. With the addition of Pastor Haseley and Pastor Alejandre, thanks be to God, we will have additional leadership in this area. And with God’s help, we can, as a community, become better mentors. We must be involved in the development of the next generations faith walk as Christians.
Please pray for guidance as you, Go and Share The Love of Christ, Today.
Thanks to everyone for what you already do in service to our Lord.
Dave Schilke
Vice President/Treasurer