Dave Anderson – President
Dave Schilke – Vice President/Treasurer
Pastor Kip Tyler (Contact)
Brad Burklund 
Jon Krier
Lori Mathison
Jerry Osborne
Dave Monson
Toni Thompson
Meeting Calendar
Tuesday, November 14 – 6:30pm @ East – Library
Tuesday, December  19 – 6:30pm @ West – W 10/11

The Board is charged with responsibility for all aspects of our congregation (financial, operational, legal, staff, etc.), and we commit to you to use our collective efforts to fulfill these obligations with the utmost care and diligence. The Board will also place a large emphasis on becoming true servant-leaders of our congregation. We intend to spend considerable time focusing on such strategic matters as: Is our mission and vision clearly articulated? Is our mission and vision compelling? What characteristics would be present in our congregation if the mission and vision were fully embraced? This focus will require your Board to review and consider all aspects of our congregation to determine if, strategically, we are in the best position to win people to Christ, help them grow in their relationship with Him and equip them to live lives of servant-leaders for Him.

The Board also feels strongly that we should be in prayer for our congregation. At every Board meeting we will take time to pray for our members and the needs of our congregation so please let any Board member or pastor know if you have a prayer request. It would be a true privilege for our Board to lift you up in prayer.


The Mission

“Mission gives your life purpose”
“The mission of Lutheran Church of the Master is to make Christ known to all people; aiding them to become baptized believers, equipping them to become committed disciples of Christ,
and inspiring them to become Christian servant leaders in God’s Church and world.”


“Board Connection” Articles from the Monthly Newsletter

September 2017

One of the major changes to our staffing structure recommended by the Staff and approved by the Board is the creation of the “Campus Pastor” position. The Board thought it would be helpful to provide the Congregation with a short summary of what this position is all about.
With our Congregation’s multiple-site structure, the Campus Pastor essentially becomes the “Face with the Place” and, in general terms, is responsible to oversee the spiritual life and direction of his or her campus. In practice, the Campus Pastor’s role can be viewed to include the following three areas:


August 2017

Summer is a busy time for everyone, and with July being the peak vacation month, the Church Board did not meet in July. We will again be meeting on August 15. If you have any concerns, please contact any of the board members. They are: Dave Anderson (President), Jerry Osborne, Brad Burklund, Dave Schilke, Jon Krier, Toni Thompson, Lori Mathison, Dave Monson, and Pastor Kip Tyler.
We will be putting together the Nominating Committee after August. Look for news about this in September, and if interested, please consider running for the Church Board.