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August 2018

Happy summer – hope you are all enjoying this toasty time of year. When I think of summer I think of a time to enjoy, take time off, read and relax. Summer for LCM is anything but quiet – our church community is hopping! We’ve had Vacation Bible School at both campuses, and mission trips to Puerto Rico and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We have our block party on August 4th for our members and community. And we’ve also welcomed new pastors to our leadership team. We say “Welcome – we’re glad you’re here!” to Pastor Alejandre and Pastor Haseley.
Progress continues to be made on our Faith Community tools. Our LCM App has been launched and puts things like our church calendar, past sermons and bulletins, and the ability to give right at your fingertips. We also continue to expand our Campus Guidebooks series, the first of which to become available is “First Step” which provides a guide for new people in their first 90 days at LCM. Watch for this series over the next several months.
Last month Dave Schilke mentioned maintenance and improvement projects coming in the near future. New sod was laid at our West Campus making our site more inviting. We’ve also started work on a badly needed new roof for our East Campus and should be done soon. Now baptisms will be performed at the baptismal font instead of in the narthex on rainy days. We are getting bids to repair and resurface the parking lot at our West Campus and expect that work to be done in the September time frame. I bet you’ve never stopped to think about how much asphalt we have out west – I know I had never realized the size of our lots before!
With that said we ask you to carefully consider your giving. Thank you for your contributions to make possible the improvements we have going so far. Help us continue to make LCM a warm and inviting place to worship and serve God.
Go and Share the Love of Christ Today!
Deb Van Roy
LCM Church Board Member