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April 2019

The new LCM Board has had an opportunity to meet and organize for this upcoming year. We welcomed one new member to the Board, Bruce Goolsby.
Bruce brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as to how LCM has operated in the past, and he has shared his insight on issues and opportunities going forward. We will miss Brad Burklund, whose term was completed in January. Brad contributed in numerous ways to the success of the Board over the past three years.
The pastors and staff have developed outstanding plans for LCM’s ministries and outreach initiatives. I am positive there is an opportunity for all us to get involved in the life of our congregation. We all need to be excited to communicate with people in our community about what LCM can provide in their lives. Discipleship is something all of us can do in our own way. More than ever, we need to tell people about what Jesus did for us.
The weather has not cooperated over the past several months, and attendance at our weekly services has been affected. Our giving in regards to our budget has also been affected. Please keep LCM in your prayers and consider how each of us can make sure our giving supports our ministries and programs at LCM for this upcoming year. The Board will be considering some capital maintenance projects at both campuses. We will only approve a project if the funds are available in our capital maintenance fund. Thanks to all of you, the fund is close to having the same the dollar amount that we started with last year. This is even after we completed and paid for two major projects at each campus last summer.
All of us on the Board continue to need your support and prayers. Please feel free to contact any Board Member if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns. May God Bless all of us and the work of our congregation.
Your 2019 Church Board Electives:
Jerry Osborne | President of the Board
Dave Schilke | Vice President & Treasurer
Lori Mathison | Secretary
Dave Anderson
Bruce Goolsby
Jim Norton
Dave Monson
Deb Van Roy
Pastor Kip Tyler